“Very… MOUNTAINOUS!”… were the first words gasped by one traveler, as she struggled to describe her first panoramic viewing of the Rocky Mountains on arriving at the eastern border of the City of Calgary, located in the Western Canadian Province of Alberta.

Many people display similar ‘awe-struck’ type emotions on arriving in the City of Calgary. Calgary, positioned as it is on the Southern prairie grasses of Alberta, is situated just east from the foothills of the Rocky Mountains which are part of the Great Divide.

Known worldwide for its Cowboy rodeo’s and thriving oil & gas industry, Calgary is a shining, sparkling jewel of a city. From its envied vantage point, it provides newcomers with sprawling vista’s of the snow capped mountains just west of its location, as they gaze across 60 miles of shimmering green and gold undulating prairie grasses, once teeming with innumerable herds of wild buffalo. Calgary itself is carved in two by the transparent emerald green waters of the Bow River, which is fed by melting glaciers in the nearby mountains. The Bow’s rich beautiful colour is the result of the surrounding flora reflecting off of the glacial silt within, and is a favourite spot for Trout fishing.

With the great Canadian highway, the Trans-Canada, running directly through Calgary, it has become the gateway to the mountains, and spawned a profitable, world famous tourism industry. Vendors cater to world travellers interested in entertainment ranging from outdoor activities such as world-class skiing, fishing, mountain climbing and wildlife photography, to major league hockey and football teams, as well as top notch cuisine and music. A major Canadian Metropolis, Calgary is also a thriving business center, home to most of Canada’s Oil & Gas Industry, and has the 2nd highest concentration of corporate offices in the country.

Add “visiting Calgary” to your to-do list.

See ‘ya’ soon, partner!”