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Just Write Something!

“Just write SOMETHING damn-it!” I tell myself, exasperated. Ever feel like you have a greater calling; some purpose yet undiscovered; that “thing” inside you that aches to get out, but you cannot figure out what that “thing” actually is; or worse yet, DO figure it out, but then struggle to express it? I don’t have …

Project Management Tip # 2307

“SO what happened to tips 1 thru 2306?” You’re asking yourself… … And NOW you understand the real-life bewilderment faced on a daily basis by project managers around the world! You see, project managers, herein referred to as PM’s, are presented with unexpected questions like this every day. You plan your project, and travel along …

What Are The Most Effective Karate Styles?

I have seen, and been asked this question countless times, from beginners to non-practitioners alike…. I believe this question, while innocent enough, is simply one of inexperience, although I have seen numerous inexperienced but honest attempts to answer this question from different angles…The fact of the matter is twofold…Today, people speak of “street-fighting” as if …

Writers Block

What is it? Many famous Authors, as well as many thousands of unknown wannabe Authors (like me) will describe what it is to them, and, or, what it is not. Each has their own version of what it is, but in the end, it’s manifestation has the same outcome for all. Blank pages. For me, …

Travel to Calgary Alberta – Tourism Rocks!

“Very… MOUNTAINOUS!”… were the first words gasped by one traveler, as she struggled to describe her first panoramic viewing of the Rocky Mountains on arriving at the eastern border of the City of Calgary, located in the Western Canadian Province of Alberta. Many people display similar ‘awe-struck’ type emotions on arriving in the City of …

So you want to be a Project Manager?

The worlds markets are in an uproar… but not a “good” uproar mind you, like the kind that lean towards booming paychecks and an endless supply of jobs… I mean the “bad” kind of uproar; Folks losing their jobs, financial markets in disarray, etc… Given this, people are, quite rightly too, looking for ways to …

Blogging for Dummies – My Journey So Far

Well, so far so good! My foray into the quasi-mystical grayness called “the internet”, after initially making my eyes water, has started to make some sense! I’d be a liar if I said it was boring… It has been eye-opening… even for this old red eyed writer! I had absolutely no idea of the depths …

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